Unspoken things

I can never forget when your voice cracked by the end of our conversation when you chocked on your own tears knowing it was because of me.

I can never forget your welled up eyes and knowing I was the reason for it.

I can never forget the look of hopelessness ,the look of lost hope knowing yet again it was because of me.

I can never forget the look of betrayal you gave me when we met after three months.

I can never forget the look in your eyes when I asked you to stop acting like a lunatic ,it seemed as though I had struck an unspoken chord which I knew was there because of me.

Those eyes will haunt me forever till I die!

I can never forgive myself for knowing I have been the reason for this.

Yet I cannot do anything to make it go away
I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you

I’m sorry to have let you down

I’m sorry!



The most beautiful element known to mankind

Where a tiny relation can blossom into a beautiful flower

Nothing seems impossible when entranced by such a kind

Every worry seems far behind


Don’t ever be afraid to fall in love

The most mythical phase of life.

Where every minute seems less

Every hour seems blessed

Even a thousand years seems so little 

When you can love them for eternal

Time seems to stand still

Every breath seems unreal 

Everyday you fall deeper into this trance

One step closer every time 

Love  is ‘The only thing that has an ever!’

                ‘The only thing that lasts forever!’


I am who I am

Hidden behind all the scam

People think they know me

But only I know I know me

Life swirls in this round globe

As I try living past this hell hole

Trying to fake a smile at every passerby

But only I know how life goes by

Confusion written all over my face

Not knowing the exact pace

Irritated by being the secreative kind

But only I know what’s on my mind.